BEDIN Galvanica

is a company specialized in electroplating treatments for fashion and luxury accessories, applied both with static frames and barrel processes.

We believe that quality is a non-negotiable value, and we work every day to express creativity through the finishings of the accessories we handle.

We believe in craftsmanship, and we do it by looking to the most innovative technologies, but with the baggage full of almost 50 years of experience.

We fall in love with every product we work on, and we believe that beauty is a value that can inspire and move imagination.

We do all traditional electroplating finishings, but above all we enjoy to research and develop innovative and exclusive finishings, in cooperation with our customers, to make their accessories valuable items.


We check each piece before the treatments, to have full control of the process, from the very beginning.

We choose to work with passionate people who believe in the company’s value.

We experiment and develop new work techniques in our lab.

We believe in transparency and hospitality. We open our doors to customers to find together the best solutions and finishings for them.

We work with passion, always seeking creativity, quality, research and sustainability.


BEDIN GALVANICA’s core business is based on a management and organizational system that compels with international, distinctive and qualifying standards, as demonstrated by the certifications earned.

QUALITY in all processes, SAFETY AND HEALTH of workers, and attention to the ENVIRONMENT.

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Nothing is lacquered

None of our pieces is lacquered. This is synonymous of electroplating quality. The thickness of precious materials makes them resistant to oxidizing agents and foolproof to all the tests required for all fashion accessories: corrosion, wear, artificial and synthetic sweat, saltwater.


About 80% of the value of the electroplating process is given by the precious metals electrolytic deposit. The thickness guarantees the resistance to oxidizing agents and makes the subsequent processes possible, like the final satin or blurring finishing operations, which can affect the surface thickness.

We certify both the thickness of the precious metals deposit and that the color tone matches our clients’ request.


The color hues and the finishings that make every piece unique, are done by hand by our craftsmen, most with experience as goldsmiths.


Located between Arpav (a local Agency dealing with the environment protection) and a WWF oasis, Bedin Galvanica has always paid close attention to environmental issues. We constantly monitor air and water with an elaborate plant system. Our treatment plants allow the waste water to be entirely recycled in order to recuperate the raw materials.

To respect environmental standards is a fundamental condition for the safety and health of those who work and purchase our product.

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    The finishing you are looking for turns to reality, thanks to the power of chemistry

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